The Mint Condominium

Breathing new life into the Rhode Island corridor, The Mint is a boutique offering with 21 condominium units and a large retail space. The Mint exemplifies PERS Development’s unique blend of quality and value with amenities such as a full service fitness center, rooftop deck, and professionally designed common area. With a bevy of transportation options, The Mint is not only right around the corner from the Rhode Island Ave Metro Station but offers a vibrant bus line and even the popular Capital Bike Share right at its doorstep.

From blighted to brilliant. What started out as an eyesore on one of the busiest roads in DC has turned into a neighborhood fixture. At one point before development, the property was even nominated for the ‘horse’s ass award’ because of general lack of upkeep. However since then, PERS has stepped in and transformed The Mint into a property that has garnered positive acclaim from both local publications and the community alike. Since hitting the market in March of 2012, The Mint has sold out in a record breaking 5 months making it another quality installment for PERS Development.

329 Rhode island Ave, NE

Project Type:
Mixed Use Condos

21 Condos + Retail

Building Size:
32000 SF

Completion Date:
Mar/ 2012

Walk Score:
Very Walkable

Sold out

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