Our Vision

Our vision is to offer boutique, modern, trendsetting buildings and design concepts, in relevant locations, rich in detail and originality, each tailored toward a unique and discerning buyer of PERS’ products; we offer a challenging and dynamic work environment for our employees and create a legacy of positive economic impact for all stakeholders.

As a growing company, PERS Development consistently seeks new and challenging development opportunities geared towards producing exciting housing, hospitality and retail solutions in evolving DC markets.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: To continue to raise the bar and be the premier real estate company by developing, owning, operating, and financing superior developments.   We do this by choosing significant locations and offer exceptional urban-life products while providing immaculate interior design, unique and fresh to the industry. Our investments in urban fill projects are trendsetting and new, combined with our dedication to the highest possible standard in every aspect of our business.  From Distinctive architectural and interior design, to our quality of construction is the distinction that is apparent in all of our properties.

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